Established in 2014

Thank you to all the past and present members of Fraser Valley. You made this club what it is, and every year it continues to grow. As a player run club, everyone volunteers their time to make it possible for us all to have this community. Helping promote Gaelic Football around Vancouver, keeps the sport alive. Check out the gallery below to see the amazing progress we have made over the years. Or just if you’re feeling nostalgic.

Men's Team 2014

2014Western Canadian Championship

Wearing the Ukrainian jerseys.

Boy's Team

2015Men’s Team

Women's Gaelic Football Team

2017Women’s Team

The first ever Women’s Team for Fraser Valley. And the second in the whole of Vancouver.

Men's team

2019Men’s Championship Team

Women's Team

2019Women’s Championship Team

Women's Team

2021Women’s Championship Team

Men's Football Team

2021Men’s Spring League Team

Boys Team

2022Men’s Spring League Team

Girls Team

2022Women’s Spring League Team

Men's Football Team

2022Men’s Championship Team

Woman's Team

2023Women’s Championship Team

Men's Team

2023Men’s Championship Team